Video: Stefan Lindegaard – Innovation Needs Networking & Connecting..

This is an excellent video of a recent presentation from Stefan Lindegaard in which he discusses how Open Innovation requires purposefully connecting and building the right networks. He points to the leading work by brands such as Lego and Proctor and Gamble who use crowdsourcing and open fluid communications across and outside their businesses to build their innovation successes. As Lindegaard says in this video; “You can’t have a strong innovation culture unless you have a strong networking culture”.

And when he asked a leading business why they were exploring open innovation methods, the reply is a sobering one: ‘We don’t have choice’. All of this of course reinforces that organisations need to nurture and build the collaboration skills in their people to enable them to effectively work  both across the often closed silos of business – and outside of it, with key partners, clients and suppliers.

You can play the video below.

To see more of Stefan Lindegaard, please visit

And for further information on our collaboration and innovation workshops  see The CollaborativeEdge and the articles; Collaborative Paradox and Building A Collaborative Business – or contact Andrew Armour at Benchstone Limited.


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