Digital Natives Are The Ultimate Disrupters

Digital Natives – those 12-25 year olds brought up on mobile, Facebook and YouTube. Always connected, always on. For them CD’s and DVD’s aren’t dad’s tech: iTunes is. Why pay for downloads when you can get free streaming music, movies and clips? In the article below it is pointed out this generation is changing the media industry (music is just the bellweather – all content rich media faces the same issues) – whether the industry wants it or not. I noted yesterday that there is now also a debate raging in the UK about football fans accessing live Premiership match coverage from various digital services from around the world – bypassing Sky’s service entirely. The digital natives are racing towards sharing free content access whilst the industry still invests millions in paying for the talent, the creative and the setups – and is finding it harder to make a buck. I believe in subscription models, passwords and platforms and I want to pay for my Plan B and my live footie. But there again – I’m not a digital native am I?

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