Will Spotify Kill iTunes?

When iTunes Store launched in 2003 it seemed like a gift from the future, so simple, so efficient so obviously better than other distribution channels. Spotify now changes that future, making iTunes now appear expensive, complicated, restrictive.

Two recent articles in HBR comment on the likely impact of Spotify – and how the launch of the Swedish music service could spell a radical change in the future of the music business, the broader content industry – and even Apple’s iTunes service. Maxwell Wessell points out that Spotify is a classic ‘low end disrupter’ that ironically could now have the same impact upon Apple – that iTunes originally had on the music retailing business – whilst James Allworth suggests consumers could get a shock if the Swedish system changes its pricing..

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Telegraph Highlights Problems Of iPad Usage

The Telegraph has announced that usage by regular readers is not maintained from print to their iPad version – with the infrequency of use complictated by the fact many owners of an iPad still do not take it with them – or use it a lot when on the move. The Paidcontent article below shows once again the challenge that traditional print media faces as we enter the post-PC-Era – and reinforces the view that iPads and Tablets will not be the saviour of publishers.

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What % Should Apple And Google Be Taking?

For anyone intersted in the creation of media content the piece below by James McQuivey of Paid Content makes for some sobering reading. As a colleague told me two years ago technology companies are selling expensive chip driven hardware and network driven data plans -on the back of the appeal that is created by the content created by journalists, musicians and other creators.In the clamour to reach the potential gold of sexy new users the content creators have bent over to supply. It is well known that the biggest winners in the gold rush were Levi jeans, the banks, railroads and shovels: all selling stuff to the gold miners, who thought that their reward would come later.

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Premier League Decision Has Implication For All Media Rights

The article below summarises some of the issues emerging from the European case involving a UK pub (the charmingly named ‘The Red, White & Blue’) – accessing Sky Premiership footie from a non Sky-UK feed. To cut out Sky, they import the feed from Greece and Sky is none too happy.  The impact of this case goes beyond pubs, footie and Sky. It could be massive for those involved in the creation and distrubution of content.

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Digital Natives Are The Ultimate Disrupters

Digital Natives – those 12-25 year olds brought up on mobile, Facebook and YouTube. Always connected, always on. For them CD’s and DVD’s aren’t dad’s tech: iTunes is. Why pay for downloads when you can get free streaming music, movies and clips? In the article below it is pointed out this generation is changing the media industry (music is just the bellweather – all content rich media faces the same issues) – whether the industry wants it or not. I noted yesterday that there is now also a debate raging in the UK about football fans accessing live Premiership match coverage from various digital services from around the world – bypassing Sky’s service entirely. The digital natives are racing towards sharing free content access whilst the industry still invests millions in paying for the talent, the creative and the setups – and is finding it harder to make a buck. I believe in subscription models, passwords and platforms and I want to pay for my Plan B and my live footie. But there again – I’m not a digital native am I?


Content Licensing – Computer Love?

Has technology made rights management redundant? Just because I can copy and distribute without paying for contetnt – is it right? Can music companies survive on income streams other than unit sales & publishing? When I first worked in music publishing an old hand once said “just because I have the technology to break into your car, and I really like it, does that mean I have the moral OK to use it?”. But in a world of endless distribution everyone now has the car alarm bleeper to everyones musical car. My head tells me that rights owners can longer control their work and they have to adapt to a new model (whatever that may be) – but my heart tells me that too many technology companies are happy to exploit the work, investment and talent of the creative industries upon which they feast whilst expecting nice clear and traditional (retail, licenses, patents, top price for new products) – revenue streams for their own businesses.


Do you need to own media? Really?

This is a great article pointing out the issues facing music and other media owners too. Do I need to ‘own’ a newspaper? No. Do I need to own a movie that Sky shows? No. Do I need pay for access to great content, with a simple app stylee payment from my various devices? Of course. ‘the greatest compliment I can receive is to pay me for my work’ – Picasso. What I need is fast, brilliant access to content and for that I’m willing to pay – as with Sky, my monthly fee and then I can pick and choose and browse. How do Sky pay for their package from Warners and Disney? I don’t care. Unfortunately a lot of media owners are still focused.on selling a download, a track, a unit. And as tbis article points out the consumer’s attraction to this is waning: digital music downloads in US growing at a measley 1% in 2009/10.


Sly Bailey: She Has Three Ps For Media. What About The 4th?

Sly Bailey, being a great marketer and CEO of the UK’s biggest newspaper group Trinity Media has recently suggested that media industry needs to adopt some good old fashioned P’s to help find its feet in an ever complex and frustrating technological world. Marketers love P’s. Personally I love ‘F’ words – but that was a previous post of mine. But she has suggested some different P’s for the media and content marketers to consider: PORTABILITY, PERSONALISATION. And the last one? The tricky one: PAYMENT.

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Top 12 And A Bit UK Apps For Android

So – we’re decided that the only thing that makes a gadget worthwhile is the access to great content right? Hopefully – developed by new, young, fresh and funky – rather than a grey monolith from California? Here is my list of best apps for Android. I use HTC Hero – but I think most droid apps will work fine on most droids. 

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