Book Reviews Part One: Partnership, Franchising And Brandscaping

In the first of this two-part series I am reviewing three recent books; ‘Strategic Partnering’ by Luc Bardin, ‘Brandscaping’ by Andrew M Davis and ‘Media Franchising’ by Derek Johnson.

Six Books That Have Crossed My Desk Recently
and  Six Books That Have Crossed My Desk Recently

I try to keep my radar tuned-in whilst trying to avoid too much of the noise. And for that reason there is still something essentially useful about a well structured book with quality content. My lecturing work at Tech Music School in Fulham and developing a paper on media industry collaboration for Henley Management School has seen me explore a number of interesting avenues from a range of great writers recently. From the latest thinking on strategic partnering and innovation to the lessons to be learnt from digital pioneers and brand & media franchising.

In the first of this two-part series I am reviewing; ‘Strategic Partnering’ by Luc Bardin, ‘Brandscaping’ by Andrew M Davis and ‘Media Franchising’ by Derek Johnson.

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London 2012 – As Partnership Race Ends A Relationship Marathon Begins …

Its Only Just Begun..

LOCOG (the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) reports in the FT today that their race to secure £700 million of sponsorship for the 2012 games is nearly complete – with its current roster now including 41 domestic sponsors and 11 tier one partners from the IOC‘s ‘family. With the overall return to the UK economy now projected to be just 0.1% increase – on the back of £9.3 Billion of public sector investment – and in the middle of a deep recession, securing the support of valuable partners is a massive achievement from the LOCOG team led by Paul Deighton. However, as anyone who has managed large sponsorship, partnership and collaborative marketing projects realises – getting the deal signed is not the end –  it’s just the start. As the race to acquire sponsors is nearing its end the relationship and partnership marathon is about to start…

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Partnership> Why It Is Not a Purchase Order

The term partnership can mean different things to different people and in many cases that makes sense but it should never just be about the purchase orders. This is a point that has been made very clear recently by Ben Gomes-Casseres. If the shared definition is not understood and agreed by the parties early on, it can frustrate and poison any chance of a long-term relationship – be it one based on sales, marketing collaboration or anything else.

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Why Benchstone?

A bench stone is used to build and sharpen valuable blades and other important tools. Bench stones are specialist resources and some are even diamond coated. Over twenty years I have come to passionately believe that partnerships and alliances are vital and valuable marketing tools that when properly managed can give businesses a unique cutting edge  – creating an advantage that is difficult, expensive if not impossible for rivals to replicate. And Benchstone Marketing Limited is established to support senior management, brands and organisations plan, pioneer and sharpen their marketing partnerships.

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Social Media Benefit For 2012 Sponsors: Or 2012 Hijackers?

London 2012 will be the first Olympiad of the iPhone, Tablet, Facebook and Twitter era. Of  course, the iPhone was released in 2007 – before the 2008 summer games in Athens but it was not until late 2008 that it took off globally and it was only in early 2009 that their rival Android smartphones began to appear and grow the overall market too.  Likewise, whilst Twitter was launched in 2007  it was  only in 2009 that  it became a mainstream social media player.  London 2012 sponsors and media partners are  likely now planning exciting mobile, UGC and social media ideas into  their plans for next summer – but what if this these ever more important  platforms turn out to be an even more powerful tool – for the hijack marketers?

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Hollywood leads the way on how to create brand partnerships

An interesting piece reminding how the movie industry uses promotional marketing Partnerships to drive massive value and exposure. Many marketers will no doubt consider the unique appeal of entertainment means such partenrships sit more naturally in Hollywood. However – the principles are the same as for any other marketing partnership. What can you build and offer your collaborators and how can you gain leverage for what they can offer you?

For more information, see Benchstone.

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Brand Licensing – So What’s New?

An interesting piece on brand licensing but nothing really new here: Walt Disney first licensed the iconic Ingersol Mickey Mouse watch in the 1930’s. The areas that I find increasingly interesting is the development of brands x-platform. Computer games become movies, events become TV shows; sports brands become computer games. The kind of TV show – event brand extensions mentioned in this article are interesting. And for me strike a chord, as I proposed, pioneered and launched a 3-day live event based on a tv show back in 1995! It was one of my first introductions to marketing collaboration and inspired me to focus on marketing partnerships.

Trying to Be Something You’re Not: Works for Drag Queens, not for Google

Great article that reinforces the importance of one of my favourite F-Words: FOCUS. This TechCrunch piece explains how YAHOO lost its way – trying to be something they’re not. And casts an interesting question about whether Google should really try to be a Facebook or Twitter style social media business. One of the first lessons a marketer learns is the danger of brand dilution and over extension. Focus is the key. Or as a great TV producer once put it, to make it clear to me – ” its deciding what we DO NOT DO and WHAT WE ARE NOT that makes our brand”

Great article by TechCrunch..

via Trying to Be Something You’re Not: Works for Drag Queens, not for Google.

Droid V iPhone: Who’d Win In A Penalty Shoot Out?

Some of the most important droid apps work better than their Apple equivalent. I have yet to find an Apple Twitter app that beats Twidroid or TweetCaster.

I’ve owned Nokia 6000 series, Palms and a Blackberry. But right now, I have the two best. A droid. And an iPhone. In this World Cup year which is set to see the battle hot up between the two, these are the finalists. Interesting speaking to iPhone users this week. I asked;  ‘what apps should I add to my new iPhone?’- the majority come out with the usual suspects. Tube map. A newspaper. Rail and road info. Twitter. Facebook. In fact research seems to support the view that the more entertaining apps are the least likely to be used or retained over time. And of course the majority of these kind of must have apps are all on the droid. So is it all about the apps? Continue reading “Droid V iPhone: Who’d Win In A Penalty Shoot Out?”

Why Don’t They Want To Sell To Me?

When you are a clear prospect, have booked a product trial and there are no financial or technical objections – should not a marketing process and all comms simply cement the deal? Incredibly – in an age of data mining, sales methods, customer life cycles and whole tribes of marketers extolling the importance of social media and the font integrity of logo application – my recent experience with buying a new shiny German car has been eye opening. Continue reading “Why Don’t They Want To Sell To Me?”

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