Innovation – On The Edge of Danger

See below for a great piece by Kevin Kelly on the meaning of innovation which in his view has to be slightly on the edge of danger. This is tricky for marketers when they are under pressure for proven results, revenues, retention and profits. ( ” oh and be more creative too – you know, we should be more like errr, Apple or Google. OK?”). Interestingly Kelly does not expouse that innovation has to be huge leaps either – and seems to share in the belief of ‘exaptation’ (see my earlier post re Steven Johnson’s great book – ‘where good ideas come from’).

Can You Really Plan Innovation? No, Really?

With product development, digital technology and ever changing markets dominating marketing news and debates it is no wonder that the one day programme on Generating Growth Through Systematic Innovation was attended by such a big crowd

Steve Jobs –  the man who made the letter ‘i’ the coolest one in the alphabet, said that trying to build a business process for innovation was like ‘watching Michael Dell – trying to dance.Painful‘. So, not being averse to embarrassing dance moves myself, I spent a day last week with some top innovation consultants at Henley Business School, discussing how to make businesses well, err, more err, innovative. So, can people and companies really learn to be innovative or does it end up with forty-somethings trying to crowd surf at their nephews twenty-first?

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