Why You Cannot Go Alone

When faced with lightning fast changes to core technology why try to solve everything yourself? In an uncertain marketing landscape why choose to cross it alone?  As Kevin Kelly pointed out in a great piece from mid-2010 the smartest businesses form alliances, build collaborations and use the power of networks to get an advantage.

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Innovation – On The Edge of Danger

See below for a great piece by Kevin Kelly on the meaning of innovation which in his view has to be slightly on the edge of danger. This is tricky for marketers when they are under pressure for proven results, revenues, retention and profits. ( ” oh and be more creative too – you know, we should be more like errr, Apple or Google. OK?”). Interestingly Kelly does not expouse that innovation has to be huge leaps either – and seems to share in the belief of ‘exaptation’ (see my earlier post re Steven Johnson’s great book – ‘where good ideas come from’).


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