Will Pubs Reduce Their Beer Prices For Free Footie?

Below is a great piece that spells out the importance of a key European case concerning cross-border rights and access to Premier league footie. Once again – rights owners, creators of content and production companies are coming under attack. OK – I get annoyed that I only get certain live games on my Sky package but I could pay and get more. I was not a fan of borish Andy Gray & Richard Keys – but Chris Kamara is wonderful.  For me – that’s life.

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Premier League Decision Has Implication For All Media Rights

The article below summarises some of the issues emerging from the European case involving a UK pub (the charmingly named ‘The Red, White & Blue’) – accessing Sky Premiership footie from a non Sky-UK feed. To cut out Sky, they import the feed from Greece and Sky is none too happy.  The impact of this case goes beyond pubs, footie and Sky. It could be massive for those involved in the creation and distrubution of content.

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