Do you need to own media? Really?

This is a great article pointing out the issues facing music and other media owners too. Do I need to ‘own’ a newspaper? No. Do I need to own a movie that Sky shows? No. Do I need pay for access to great content, with a simple app stylee payment from my various devices? Of course. ‘the greatest compliment I can receive is to pay me for my work’ – Picasso. What I need is fast, brilliant access to content and for that I’m willing to pay – as with Sky, my monthly fee and then I can pick and choose and browse. How do Sky pay for their package from Warners and Disney? I don’t care. Unfortunately a lot of media owners are still focused.on selling a download, a track, a unit. And as tbis article points out the consumer’s attraction to this is waning: digital music downloads in US growing at a measley 1% in 2009/10.

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