Hollywood leads the way on how to create brand partnerships

An interesting piece reminding how the movie industry uses promotional marketing Partnerships to drive massive value and exposure. Many marketers will no doubt consider the unique appeal of entertainment means such partenrships sit more naturally in Hollywood. However – the principles are the same as for any other marketing partnership. What can you build and offer your collaborators and how can you gain leverage for what they can offer you?

For more information, see Benchstone.

via Hollywood lead’s the way on how to create brand partnerships.

Networks & collaborations: That’s showbiz folks.

Interesting article by Kevin Kelly reinforcing what I have said for years: that the most creative ventures in the really creative industries rely upon external contacts, networks, collaboration. In other words get past the ‘supplier’ and ‘customer’ mind-set. There is a third and more exciting way: partnerships. And that is what my consultancy – Benchstone is going to be all about.


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