Trust & Marketing Partnerships: Part Two

Trust is always a vital but often enigmatic ingredient in collaborative business relationships. In Part One, I explored why, for some people, it is often their biological wiring that leads them to shy away from investing in a new relationship. In this follow-up piece, I am going to look at the commercial aspects of trust – and what you can do to encourage it within marketing partnerships.

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Has YouView Got Momentum?

In marketing alliances, Momentum is the engine that drives the initiative and decides whether parties can extract the value they need.

You can never underestimate the power of ‘the Big Mo’. In 2000 Malcolm Gladwell wrote his classic The Tipping Point – spreading the belief that ‘ideas and transformation spread like viruses’. A good alliance, also needs to reach a Tipping Point, with the three elements identified by Gladwell; Contagiousness, Little Causes & Big Effects and – Dramatic Change. In marketing alliances, Momentum is the engine that drives these elements. Without momentum new relationships enter a lethargic spiral and there never is a Tipping Point…

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