Top 30 Android Apps Of All Time.


Everyone likes a good list don’t they? They’ve been around since Moses brought some down from Sinai all those years ago. From the ‘Best Six Wives of HenryVIII’ to the Top Ten 90’s Dance Trax – and of course the old xmas pub favourite, The Top Ten England Soccer Players off all time: everyone likes a good list. TechCrunch have come up with their own list of Best Android Apps – which is a good starter for ten. See below. As I’ve been using both an iPhone and Android over the past 2 years I have come to see the strengths, weaknesses, beauty and frustrations of both systems. Overall, I think my lovely Droid shaves (just) past the gleamingly smooth iPhone as it is a better phone and does the vast majority of what I want the device to do (email, blogging, social networks, search, maps) – better and faster than the lovely but strangely annoying Apple. A few top Apps from me to add to this list from TechCrunch;

  • Emailnote – so simple, so effective, so usable. One click and you send a note to your email..
  • Telegraph for Android – fast, simple, brilliant to use.
  • Guardian for Android – great sections list and beautiful designs
  • Twidroyd – easily the best twitter client
  • FX Camera – great little camera app that can give you cool special effects
  • Evernote – brilliant secure note sharing.
  • FeedR- my favourite RSS service
  • DaftMachine – because its silly. And fun.
  • Advanced Task Killer- reduces battery drain
  • Spotify. Of course.

    But if you want to know what the brains from TechCrunch think – see there list of Top 30 here. via Top 30 Android Apps Of All Time.

Author: Andrew Armour

Andrew Armour is a marketing and media professional, a specialist in business partnerships and the Founder of the consulting business - Benchstone Limited. His career spans from the UK music industry to the America's Cup, from winning agency pitches to securing key digital content deals. He is married to Viv, lives in Hampshire and works in London.

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