Sly Bailey: She Has Three Ps For Media. What About The 4th?

Sly Bailey, being a great marketer and CEO of the UK’s biggest newspaper group Trinity Media has recently suggested that media industry needs to adopt some good old fashioned P’s to help find its feet in an ever complex and frustrating technological world. Marketers love P’s. Personally I love ‘F’ words – but that was a previous post of mine. But she has suggested some different P’s for the media and content marketers to consider: PORTABILITY, PERSONALISATION. And the last one? The tricky one: PAYMENT.

The issue with the latter of course is that publishers have gushed content onto the Web in the hope that banners, CPC’s, CPA’s and everything else you can hang off the page will pay for everything. And as she points out in a world of Apps (and clearly Android Tabs and iPads are going to accelerate their importance) – how does the webpage fit into things? Interestingly Bailey does not like the thought of News International bundling its content products in the new look Times-Sky-News International structure. Bailey sees this as potentially distorting the market. I don’t agree – if anything it will speed up the process of greater collaboration between media brands. If you cannot do what News International can then you’d better start picking up the phone and making friends with the right people. So – the ‘P’ I would add to her list if one dear to my heart: PARTNERSHIPS. Apps and always on media mean that the creative and practical opportunities for partnerships will abound. Why shouldn’t tv news content be bundled with more detailed written analysis? Trinity Mirror with its regional networks, national brands and massive reach is ideally placed to exploit this potential too. By forming alliances – media brands can build powerful audience sharing and acquisition, not limit themselves. By forming content alliances and building apps and services collaboratively, media brands can choose to focus on their specialisms by working closely with others. Its the part of marketing and media that I am passionate about. And it should be what media businesses are looking at. So if you want to chat Sly, give us a call.  paidContent:UK

via Sly Bailey: The Three Ps Could Show News Business Out Of The Mire.

Author: Andrew Armour

Andrew Armour is a marketing and media professional, a specialist in business partnerships and the Founder of the consulting business - Benchstone Limited. His career spans from the UK music industry to the America's Cup, from winning agency pitches to securing key digital content deals. He is married to Viv, lives in Hampshire and works in London.

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