Sony Ericsson Shows Power Of Collaboration

Last week the media and marketing blogs were filled up with the news that Microsoft and Nokia had announced a strategic alliance that will replace Nokia’s Symbian with Windows Mobile. Quite rightly this is a big deal – the potential for a massive new development to challenge the march of Apple-Android in high-end smartphones. But some brands in this market already seem to have collaboration within their DNA.

Sony Ericsson for example – having initially had great success with the Walkman phone is now looking to introduce a PlayStation functionality into their new Xperia. This is such smart partnership activity, bringing all the postive values and heritage of PlayStation (and therefore consumer trust and appeal) – into a solid and quality mobile. Sony Ericsson has even appointed a new senior management position to focus on developing and managing further 3rd party collaborations. Joakim Nelson is Sony Ericsson’s Head of Industry Collaboration and Asset Management. In a recent interview with Informilo he sets out a clear philosophhy for collaboration. For Nelson and Sony Ericsson its about being open – and understanding not everything great has to be done in-house. Over the past nine months they have investigated partnerships with more than 300 small young businesses and are now looking to build contracts with 15 of them – looking to invest and take some ownership of partners technology in areas such as cameras, sensors, wi-fi and applications. The process alone shows a massive commitment o this kind of collaboration. For Sony Ericsson partnerships and alliances are a fundemental part of their innovation process – from Silicon Valley to the Far East, from Europe to Africa. Its an impressive approach and a competitive advantage that is as important to them as their brand, marketing and technological strengths.

For more information, see Benchstone Marketing Limited.

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