Technology & Innovation – As Adaptation

Kevin Kelly has written a great piece summarising his theory of how technology progresses and changes through an almost Darwinesque like process of evolution – as one piece of innovation leads to another, and another. Unlike biology, in technology this adaptation and change process is measured in months and quarters – rather than millions of years.  He points out that great ideas and steps forward build on others – not in isolation. Mozart needed the piano, Van Gough needed the invention of oil based paints. Kelly calls this network of technology and ideas – The Technium.

His view mirrors very closely that of Steven Johnson – author of the wonderful ‘Where Good Ideas Come From’. Both reinforce the belief that the best innovation comes from connecting with and exploring the work and technology of others – rather than being isolated within ones own village.  The development of smart partnerships and collaborations can only make this process stronger.

For more information see; Benchstone


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