A Marketing Partnership Manifesto –

It was great to this week receive a re-posting of my Partnership Marketing Manifesto from the bona fide marketing legend – Gary Hamel. Currently Hamel is Visiting Professor of Strategic and International Management at the London Business School and also the Innovation Architect at the very interesting website – The Management Information eXchange – MIX. Hamel is of course the author behind such seminal texts as ‘Competing For The Future’ , the superb ‘Alliance Advantage’ and a further seven leading books on competitive marketing and innovation. Why did I decide to promote a Partnership Manifesto within MIX?

The manifesto was developed as a discussion piece within the new Benchstone website which will be launching in a  few weeks and I am sure it will be further challenged and refined with feedback. I am evangelical about the power and potential of marketing collaborations and so a manifesto seemed a logical addition to the site.

You can see the original piece within the very useful MIX Site – here: Or, have a read of it right now:

“The Partnership Marketing Manifesto: Real innovation is not built with greater isolation and introspection but is powered by smarter connections. And organisations who build powerful alliances and partnerships create a ‘collaborative advantage’ – obtaining a competitive edge that is difficult, expensive if not impossible to replicate. Fresh conversations, with the right new partners are more valuable, more fun, more challenging and create better ideas – and so we need a renaissance in partnership pioneering.”

And the full Manifesto is here:


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