Telegraph Highlights Problems Of iPad Usage

The Telegraph has announced that usage by regular readers is not maintained from print to their iPad version – with the infrequency of use complictated by the fact many owners of an iPad still do not take it with them – or use it a lot when on the move. The Paidcontent article below shows once again the challenge that traditional print media faces as we enter the post-PC-Era – and reinforces the view that iPads and Tablets will not be the saviour of publishers.

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Will Tablets Signal The End Of PC’s & MS?

A startling blog from Harvard Business Review. Will the rise of iPods and Tablets leave Microsoft looking like yesterdays news?

via The Fall of Wintel and the Rise of Armdroid.

Review Of The Galaxy Tab: Five Reasons Why I’m In Love.

There are ideas that start off sounding good and end up being bad. They often are brilliantly designed by frightfully clever and confident people but end up being the dreaded ‘technology looking for a market’. Like the Segway, for example.

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The iPad? It May Or May Not Be – The Great Saviour Of Newspapers

The iPad and Google Tablet momentum will grow and grow through to xmas now and the article below by paidContent:UK poses a further interesting point as to whether such devices will be the death nail or the saviour of newspapers. I have now had my lush Galaxy Tab for two weeks and so will soon be posting a blog on what I have learnt about it and how I see it and other Tab/Pad-like devices fitting in. For those thinking these are just big phones and awkward laptops need to re-consider. These products are massive game changers.

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