Google Launches ‘Think Quarterly’ Magazine

The creative industries and Google have not always been a perfect union and the term ‘frienemy’ better describes it. Interesting to see Google therefore creating its own digital magazine -‘Think Quarterly’ – designed by The Church Of London Agency and distributed for their top partners and advertisers. As befits Google, it has no advertising and all the content is free. Just the way Google likes it. Do No Evil and all that. And – it is a decent read. The first issue is based around the theme of data – and has a lot of proper articles on the good, the bad and the ugly side of data, plus Near Field Communications, Mobile marketing and of course – Search. Further issues are set for May, July and October – and you can receive RSS. A nice article explains more about it in Media Guardian.  Google launches Think Quarterly magazine.

What % Should Apple And Google Be Taking?

For anyone intersted in the creation of media content the piece below by James McQuivey of Paid Content makes for some sobering reading. As a colleague told me two years ago technology companies are selling expensive chip driven hardware and network driven data plans -on the back of the appeal that is created by the content created by journalists, musicians and other creators.In the clamour to reach the potential gold of sexy new users the content creators have bent over to supply. It is well known that the biggest winners in the gold rush were Levi jeans, the banks, railroads and shovels: all selling stuff to the gold miners, who thought that their reward would come later.

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Review Of The Galaxy Tab: Five Reasons Why I’m In Love.

There are ideas that start off sounding good and end up being bad. They often are brilliantly designed by frightfully clever and confident people but end up being the dreaded ‘technology looking for a market’. Like the Segway, for example.

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