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Benchstone Limited is a specialist consultancy launched by Andrew Armour in 2011 – and building on his twenty years of experience creating and managing complex marketing partnerships and alliances across media, publishing and promotions.

Why Benchstone? Bench stones or sharpening or whetting stones are powerful tools used to sharpen precision blades – and the very best  incorporate precious metals and diamond coatings. If you need a sharper edge – you need a bench stone…

Benchstone Limited believes that marketing alliances and partnerships are valuable tools for marketers  – that need to be carefully maintained and sharpened. We provide three core consulting services – either on an interim or project management basis; Partnership Strategy (planning & research), Partnership Pioneering (project development & management) – and Partnership Sharpening (coaching and training, improving an existing relationship or team).

Successful partnership management requires an approach that is both art (understanding chemistry, brand fit, values and a vision) – and science (understanding the importance of planning, mechanics, objectives, delivery and measurements.) – and Benchstone helps you and your team to get that balance right.

If you’d like to know more about Benchstone and how it can help you maximise your collaborative advantage – contact Andrew Armour by email or call him on (+44) 07971 231 025 to arrange an informal chat over coffee at Adam Street (just off The Strand).

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