Book Reviews Part Two: Social, Digital And Innovation

Six Books That Have Crossed My Desk Recently
Six Books That Have Crossed My Desk Recently

In the second of this two-part series I am reviewing three more excellent books; ‘The Little Black Book of Innovation’ by Scott D Anthony, ‘Likeable Social Media’ by Dave Kerpen and ‘Pioneers of Digital’ by Paul Springer and Mel Carson. Together they deliver some great answers  to relevant questions, such as; What are the deadly sins of innovation? How should a brand develop digital content and engage with consumers in social media? And what kind of people helped create digital landmarks such as iTunes, and TED? Read on to find our more. Or, alternatively go to Part One to see my reviews of ‘Strategic Partnering’ by Luc Bardin, ‘Brandscaping’ by Andrew M Davis and ‘Media Franchising’ by Derek Johnson by clicking right here…

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Can Innovators Put Their Faith In Social Media?

Are you a believer? Can social media help energise your innovation efforts? Or are you sceptical? Are you yet to be convinced? Can unified collaboration (UC) and other modern media tools become more than just complicated gossip and file sharing? Do you really have faith in the value of social media to help power innovation?

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Social Media Benefit For 2012 Sponsors: Or 2012 Hijackers?

London 2012 will be the first Olympiad of the iPhone, Tablet, Facebook and Twitter era. Of  course, the iPhone was released in 2007 – before the 2008 summer games in Athens but it was not until late 2008 that it took off globally and it was only in early 2009 that their rival Android smartphones began to appear and grow the overall market too.  Likewise, whilst Twitter was launched in 2007  it was  only in 2009 that  it became a mainstream social media player.  London 2012 sponsors and media partners are  likely now planning exciting mobile, UGC and social media ideas into  their plans for next summer – but what if this these ever more important  platforms turn out to be an even more powerful tool – for the hijack marketers?

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‘What’s The Benefit Of Your App?’

This is a great piece by Kevin Smotler asking a marketing question I have always loved – that is too seldom asked. Smotler discusses the rise (surely not a bubble?) of location based apps and review services – Groupon, Foursquare and hundreds of new startups and variations on existing platforms such as Facebook. What is the point?

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Human Beings Make Such Difficult Customers.

Serving and understanding customers, acquiring and retaining them is more difficult than ever. And yet we then build systems and employ people who do not make that any easier..

According to Sainsburys 70% of consumers at 4.00pm in the afternoon – do not even know what they are going to eat that evening.  Strange isn’t it? Last week I was lucky enough to attend a great session at Henley Management School where Prof. Moira Clark outlined some of the latest thinking on customer management. Serving and understanding them is more difficult than ever – and yet marketers then build systems and employ people who do not make that task any easier…

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