Business Myth #1. Is Brainstorming Really Any Good?

According to Professor Richard Wiseman – one the of the most brilliant and widely quoted of UK psychology writers – sceptic and debunker of pseudo-science nonsense (and a brilliant illusionist too by the way) – the foundations of brainstorming are shaky ones, to say the least

We’ve all been there: The plastic cups. The marker pens with more squeak than ink. That white board with the shadowy phrases of  projects long forgotten, still ghostly visible. The sticky notes. The giant pads of paper. Blu-tak. So, is brainstorming really any good? Professor Richard Wiseman thinks maybe not..

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Pioneering And The Joy Of Harryhausen

If Innovation is about ‘making it real’. Pioneering is about ‘finding the new way of doing things.

Talos: Do you remember him?

Pioneer: “(v) To open up an area or prepare the way. (v)  To take the lead or initiative in. (v) To open up and explore a new area”. There is much talk in marketing about innovation isn’t there? And yes, it’s a concept I do have a passion for. But do you know a marketer who does not describe themselves as innovative? Its like trying to find a programmer who does not like Star Wars. And speaking of Star Wars, where did George Lucas get his ideas from for all those amazing special effects? More of that later..

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