Human Beings Make Such Difficult Customers.

Serving and understanding customers, acquiring and retaining them is more difficult than ever. And yet we then build systems and employ people who do not make that any easier..

According to Sainsburys 70% of consumers at 4.00pm in the afternoon – do not even know what they are going to eat that evening.  Strange isn’t it? Last week I was lucky enough to attend a great session at Henley Management School where Prof. Moira Clark outlined some of the latest thinking on customer management. Serving and understanding them is more difficult than ever – and yet marketers then build systems and employ people who do not make that task any easier…

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Seth Godin And The Taleban?

The modern marketing world shares a lot with asymetric warfare…

What on earth does Seth Godin have to do with al-Qaeda and the Taleban? What links Somali pirates to the story of the iPod? surprisingly – quite a lot. Godin brilliantly describes a new digital economy, one populated by super-connected Linchpins milking their Purple Cows. And strange as it seems – that world shares a lot with the 21st century asymmetric warfare of Iraq,  Afghanistan and the horn of Africa.

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Robert Holden On Intelligence & Success

You cannot be permanently busy and innovative. Something has to give – there has to be room and space.

Last week I attended a course at Henley Management School led by the well-known psychologist, author and all round guru – Robert Holden,  a leading expert in the area of intelligence and personal success. OK – I admit I feared too much touchey feeley stuff. And when the opening excercise involved saying hello to lots of people using a tribal technique … I sensed the day was going to be a cross between the David Brent and Hare Krishna schools of self-development. But – Holden’s approach is broad, challenging and useful. Continue reading “Robert Holden On Intelligence & Success”

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