UK’s Digital Music Boost Slowed In 2010

Total music sales grown marginally. But is music still the centre of modern media trends? I have always felt that music is the essential driver, happily referenced and used by television, advertising, movies and fashion. Yet – commercially, it seems to lag well behind the recent successes of online retail and video games…

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Is Elton Editing The Indy Good For Journalism?

In an age where media content is becoming aggregated and cheapened – is celebrity editors the way to go?


Don’t get me wrong: love Elton. But in an age where media content is becoming aggregated and cheapened – is celebrity editors the way to go? Like rock stars discussing international finance and actors philosophising morality – this does tweek my heckles a tad. This seems more like a middle class liberal page three ploy than serious journalism. As Jay Leno famously says, the TV news could ask some international economists to explain changes in the economy. But instead – ‘Nah, what the hell – lets just go and ask a few truck drivers what they reckon’

The iPad? It May Or May Not Be – The Great Saviour Of Newspapers

The iPad and Google Tablet momentum will grow and grow through to xmas now and the article below by paidContent:UK poses a further interesting point as to whether such devices will be the death nail or the saviour of newspapers. I have now had my lush Galaxy Tab for two weeks and so will soon be posting a blog on what I have learnt about it and how I see it and other Tab/Pad-like devices fitting in. For those thinking these are just big phones and awkward laptops need to re-consider. These products are massive game changers.

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Sly Bailey: She Has Three Ps For Media. What About The 4th?

Sly Bailey, being a great marketer and CEO of the UK’s biggest newspaper group Trinity Media has recently suggested that media industry needs to adopt some good old fashioned P’s to help find its feet in an ever complex and frustrating technological world. Marketers love P’s. Personally I love ‘F’ words – but that was a previous post of mine. But she has suggested some different P’s for the media and content marketers to consider: PORTABILITY, PERSONALISATION. And the last one? The tricky one: PAYMENT.

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Open door: The Guardian’s rules of social media participation

The battle lines are drawn up. Between those that believe that content should only be accessed via subscriptions and paid for by consumers and users (which is of course stupid) and those that think expensively created media should instead be exported everywhere for free (which is even more stupid). Can you build a commercial model off ancillary rights and advertising even though you make only a few pence from your creative work itself? Fine if you’re Lady Ga-Ga. Not so easy if you’re a composer who wants to earn money for writing and recording beautiful music rather than being a celebrity and souvinir peddlar. And social media, iPads and Android powered Slates are being seen by some as the saviour; re-engaging the audience in great content and providing a great advertising platform too. The article below contains an overview of the guide that journalists from The Guardian take into account before tweeting and feeding their content (for free of course…) to other media. Like many aspects of modern marketing – decision making, responsibility and brand is devolved. The Revolution is Devolution. And the first word in the Guardian’s guide for using social media? PARTICIPATE.

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via Open door: The Guardian’s head of digital engagement on … the rules of participation.

Top 12 And A Bit UK Apps For Android

So – we’re decided that the only thing that makes a gadget worthwhile is the access to great content right? Hopefully – developed by new, young, fresh and funky – rather than a grey monolith from California? Here is my list of best apps for Android. I use HTC Hero – but I think most droid apps will work fine on most droids. 

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Why Great Content Beats Cool Gadgets.

Last week saw yet another fantastic piece of Apple PR as Steve Jobs launched the rather groovey looking iPad. It joins a long line of uber cool gadgets, gizmos, devices and hardware that inspires drooling and convulsions. But what about the content? Would do people love the cinema seats more than the movie? When did we start to love the newsprint rather than the story? Why is a plastic and a screen seen as cooler than the material it can show?

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Spotify: Not So Lucky, Lucky, Lucky For Pete Waterman?

I took out my Spotify subscription for my birthday and I adore it. £10 a month and I can build fabulous playlists, listen to any number of interesting artists I may read about, anywhere, anytime. So is all well? Well, it is certainly a great product.

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Is Twitter Like Robbie Savage And Marmite?

Why is it that some people are passionate about certain media services and some people hate them? Any Englishman’s selective use of a  few well chosen Anglo-Saxon words to describe Robbie Savage; an extravagantly paid but limited and rather aggressive footballer will tell you the popular opinion of the crowd. Marmite has made an advertising theme about the fact that people either love or hate their beefy paste.

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