Partnership> Why It Is Not a Purchase Order

The term partnership can mean different things to different people and in many cases that makes sense but it should never just be about the purchase orders. This is a point that has been made very clear recently by Ben Gomes-Casseres. If the shared definition is not understood and agreed by the parties early on, it can frustrate and poison any chance of a long-term relationship – be it one based on sales, marketing collaboration or anything else.

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ITV’s Crozier: Collaborative Media Partnerships Are Key

Adam Crozier, the Chief Executive of ITV reveals in an interview in The Guardian that collaborative partnerships will be vital to the future of the broadcaster – and in a multi-channel and ‘non-linear’ world, content owners and distribution channels will have to look at challening new models, including working with brands and organisations traditionally viewed as their media rivals. This reflects the broader trend for collaboration and partnerships to be increasingly seen as the key driver for innovation (see my earlier post on this trend at

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Hollywood leads the way on how to create brand partnerships

An interesting piece reminding how the movie industry uses promotional marketing Partnerships to drive massive value and exposure. Many marketers will no doubt consider the unique appeal of entertainment means such partenrships sit more naturally in Hollywood. However – the principles are the same as for any other marketing partnership. What can you build and offer your collaborators and how can you gain leverage for what they can offer you?

For more information, see Benchstone.

via Hollywood lead’s the way on how to create brand partnerships.

What % Should Apple And Google Be Taking?

For anyone intersted in the creation of media content the piece below by James McQuivey of Paid Content makes for some sobering reading. As a colleague told me two years ago technology companies are selling expensive chip driven hardware and network driven data plans -on the back of the appeal that is created by the content created by journalists, musicians and other creators.In the clamour to reach the potential gold of sexy new users the content creators have bent over to supply. It is well known that the biggest winners in the gold rush were Levi jeans, the banks, railroads and shovels: all selling stuff to the gold miners, who thought that their reward would come later.

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Nokia & Microsoft Alliance: Dream or nightmare?

It is alleged that a Google insider described the potential alliance between Microsoft and Nokia in less than glowing terms; “you can’t join two turkeys and make an eagle”. With Android growing at 800% in 2010 and Apple/iOs the darling of early adopters and innovation fans – Microsoft and Nokia have increasingly looked off the pace. As I’ve said consistently (and I’m only agreeing with what other partnership marketers have stated previously) – collaboration and alliances are going to be the future of marketing.

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Networks & collaborations: That’s showbiz folks.

Interesting article by Kevin Kelly reinforcing what I have said for years: that the most creative ventures in the really creative industries rely upon external contacts, networks, collaboration. In other words get past the ‘supplier’ and ‘customer’ mind-set. There is a third and more exciting way: partnerships. And that is what my consultancy – Benchstone is going to be all about.

Sly Bailey: She Has Three Ps For Media. What About The 4th?

Sly Bailey, being a great marketer and CEO of the UK’s biggest newspaper group Trinity Media has recently suggested that media industry needs to adopt some good old fashioned P’s to help find its feet in an ever complex and frustrating technological world. Marketers love P’s. Personally I love ‘F’ words – but that was a previous post of mine. But she has suggested some different P’s for the media and content marketers to consider: PORTABILITY, PERSONALISATION. And the last one? The tricky one: PAYMENT.

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Lessons From Aarhus: And Marketing Functionality

A recent night out in Aarhus, Denmark – the trendy late night student town reinforced to me the importance of how great marketing is linked to great functionality. Again. The Scandanavians certainly adore the craft of making something utilitarian – a work of wonder. The devil (and the style)  – is in the detail and the thinking of the user, not just your budget and your boss. So, some Lessons From Aarhus.

Lessons From Aarhus #1. Our cool, hip and simple hotel does not need to be flash.V. simple Scandanavian design. Functionality = location. We stayed in a hotel with a tiny room featuring furniture that folded in on itself to save time. But when it is located 1 minutes walk to a selection of hip uber-bars and gorgeous Cathederal – then who cares?

Lessons from Aarhus #2. Great functionality is about making things easy to use – not just gadgets. The groovey olive oil bottle we bought in a Danish design store features a clever suction pump, every kind of measure and fits the human hand perfectly to avoid any mishaps. It is impossible to pour the wrong amount or make a spill. It is the opposite of flashy or bling. But is a wonder all the same (and demanded a hefty price tag to boot) Continue reading “Lessons From Aarhus: And Marketing Functionality”

the perfect spice

In the 1600’s – nutmeg, that stuff you can buy in Tesco’s in a little bottle, for less than a £1 – was more precious gram for gram than gold. In fact, the United Kingdom negotiated the purchase of New York from the Dutch king, in return for nutmeg rights in the East Indies.  Weird – but true. The spice was seen as invaluable and commanded a huge price and essentially changed world history ( if you are interested, read the whole story in Nathaniel’s Nutmeg: Or the True and Incredible Adventures of the Spice Trader Who Changed the Course of History).

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